ABN AMRO signs up Facilicom as their Soft Service Integrator


ABN AMRO and Facilicom have signed a 5-year IFM agreement for the delivery of the full range of facility services, including cleaningsecuritycatering and landscaping services at over 125 of ABN AMRO office locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This agreement puts Facilicom in charge of the operational and tactical facility management at all of ABN AMRO’s branches. Facilicom will also be working closely with other chain partners, such as Royal Haskoning (hard services) and Cushman & Wakefield (asset management).

The impact on the company and its people

‘We’re immensely proud of this renewed partnership. ABN AMRO’s request has given us the opportunity to leverage Facilicom’s full power - all the facility services we have. That’s unique in the Netherlands’, says Geert van de Laar, CEO of Facilicom Group. ‘Moreover, ABN AMRO has ambitious targets for sustainability and their social impact. Together, we can make sure that both parties can achieve those ambitions. My team and I are very much looking forward to making an impact at ABN AMRO’, adds Jurg Goeree, Facilicom Solutions’ account director adds.

Changes are fully underway

Erika Bonis, Operations & Services Manager, Facility Management at ABN AMRO, explains: ‘The bank is implementing a great many changes. We hope that this partnership will help us raise our facility management to the next level so that we can improve our staff’s employer (workplace) experience. Added to that, we want to work more cost-efficiently, and introduce more standardisation and flexibility to our services. As Facilicom has more than 60 years’ experience in this field, we’ve certainly come to the right place to make this a reality.’

Facilicom will supply these services as from 1 September.

Picture of all the stakeholders
photograph caption: From left to right: Geert van der Laar – Facilicom Group, Jan Verhaegh – Cushman & Wakefield, Marije Hulshof – Royal Haskoning DHV, Marjolein Goense – ABN AMRO, Erika Bonis – ABN AMRO and Diedrik Broekman – ABN AMRO