About us

Facilicom Group is a family business. Typically Dutch at heart and on a scale that is nothing short of impressive. But we are also keen to maintain our informal character. We are well-known in the Netherlands for brands such as Trigion, Incluzio and Gom. Working together on an inspiring living environment for everyone. That is our mission: it is why we are here. And we are far from finished.

Our brands

The companies that together form the Facilicom Group are all leading players in their industry. Through our four divisions – Gom, Trigion, Facilicom Solutions and Incluzio – we focus on facility services and care and welfare, in which customer excellence is key. We work together with our clients to find solutions to the issues they have to deal with. And you can be sure we deliver.

Our people

Whether you are our guest, collaborating with us or working for one of our companies, Facilicom Group puts people first. Organisations are our clients, but it is always the people you do it for.  And we believe doing business should be done responsibly and always with a focus on people. It is therefore hardly surprising that we like to underscore this with the core promise of our brand: happy people make happy people.

Our markets

The sectors we are active in are cleaning, integrated facilities services, security, catering and hospitality, and care and welfare. As the parent company, we are the link and driving force for realising an inspiring environment in all aspects. In addition to the Netherlands, Facilicom Group is also active in Belgium. Our head office is located in Schiedam, near to Europoort.

Together, innovative, sustainable and always people-oriented. These are four important values we stand behind. You can hold us to that. Without hesitation!