Working together on an inspiring living environment for everyone. That is the mission of Facilicom Group. The objective is what counts: people feel most comfortable in a safe, healthy and inspiring environment.

Working together

We believe that an inspiring living environment goes beyond clean, safe or hygienic. It is an interaction, but also the way in which you realise it. In this, working together is in many respects an absolute precondition for Facilicom Group. Only in this way can we ensure that what we do is fully focused on the users. All five divisions share a joint mission to make their living environment more enjoyable, day in, day out.

…towards an inspiring living environment

Values and aspirations, but also the demands people and organisations place on their environment, quickly change. This encourages us and spurs us on to continue to innovate. Therefore, an intrinsic aspect of our mission is to remain open and responsive to change. Technology and creativity provide opportunities which at first might seem impossible. We are able to do more and faster. By introducing innovative concepts and solutions to the market, we create an inspiring living environment.

…with attention to everyone

Another area we have incorporated in our mission is our desire to focus on other things than just our own business continuity. An example of this is the foundation of Buitengewoon, which we use to reduce the barriers to finding work. This also applies to the projects we support with the Facilicom Foundation. There are vulnerable groups in society and the gap between the working and non-working population is increasing. It is an issue which Facilicom is keen to alleviate: by paying attention to others, attention to new opportunities, attention to everyone.

Happy people make happy people

The fact that we are a people company is underscored through our motto: Happy people make happy people. We believe that the same principle applies to our clients and their guests, and certainly also to our own employees: if you can give your best, the organisation as a whole will benefit.