2020 7May

Facilicom Group supports diverse young talent on the labour market

2020 7May

Facilicom Group is entering a partnership with Wrokko. The Rotterdam-based foundation works to promote the career prospects of highly educated, multicultural talent. Lacking a good network, many of them are unable to find a job. Facilicom Group employees will act as personal buddies to help them find suitable employment on the labour market. The facilities service provider will also organise in-house training sessions and workshops.

To help young potentials, the Wrokko foundation (the go-to organisation for young jobseekers in Rotterdam) has launched a programme which expressly seeks links with the business community. Employers that become a partner of Wrokko actively guide young people on the labour market and motivate them for a career in their organisation.

Etienne Friederichs en Anass Meziane

Facilicom Group is also supporting this fantastic initiative through a partnership. Throughout the country, the organisation employs people from 94 different nationalities, with a good balance between men and women at all levels. However, Facilicom Group has greater ambitions in the field of diversity. Its partnership with Wrokko therefore offers great opportunities to reach and retain multicultural, highly educated talent. Anass Meziane, founder of Wrokko, “I'm delighted to be working with a leading company like Facilicom Group. Our partnership is a way to link multicultural high potentials and Facilicom Group in a socially positive way."

On 29 April, the facilities service provider signed the contract by which it will carry out various activities. "Among other things, we will be organising training sessions at the Facilicom companies and offering a glimpse behind the scenes, hoping to inspire multicultural talent to come and work for us. During these sessions, young people can for example take part in a workshop on writing a CV or a LinkedIn profile or doing interviews, says Etienne Friederichs, who is responsible for 'Buitengewoon’ (or Exceptional) that is part of Facilicom Group. There is also a buddy programme in which employees from Jong Facilicom personally coach another young potential and introduce them to the business community. They help them write a CV or prepare for an interview, until they find a job. This is a nice opportunity to help young potentials progress in their career. And in line with its ambition, a great opportunity for Facilicom Group to be an even better reflection of society at all levels of the organisation.”