Government extends measures to contain the coronavirus


Every day, the coronavirus has us firmly in its grip. The government has introduced a series of measures to slow the spread of the virus and to reduce the pressure on our healthcare system as much as possible. On Monday, 23 March, the Cabinet decided to extend the measures it had already imposed. These measures affect each and every one of us, both in our private lives and at work.

The additional measures are primarily aimed at restricting social contacts even more:

  • All concentrations of people, including gatherings attended by fewer than a hundred people, are prohibited until 1 June.
  • The advice to work from home as much as possible remains unaltered. Go outside only to do your shopping, to care for others or if you cannot work from home.
  • If anyone in your family has a fever and you work in any of the vital processes in the Netherlands: stay at home!
  • Mayors have been given authority to intervene (for instance to close off beaches, shut shops or ban groups of people).
  • Heavy fines for flaunting the 1.5-metre rule.

Critical processes

Healthcare, security, cleaning and maintenance have been designated processes critical to the Netherlands. For a large number of our clients, it is crucial that our services continue; however, while providing those services, we shall continue to follow the RIVM’s guidelines in full.  

As for our professional groups, the main concern is to pay even more attention to keeping a distance to each other. The minimal distance of 1.5 metres is, and remains, as important as ever. Let’s all make sure that, together, we find the right balance between paying the most attention possible to our own health and these more stringent measures.


We shall continue to follow the developments as they happen and always base our response on the government’s policy. We shall assess the impact of the government’s measures per division on an ongoing basis and implement measures accordingly.

We shall do everything we can to provide our services at their usual high standards. If the coronavirus impacts our services, your contact will notify you in due time.