Facility Management Companies The Netherlands

The Facilicom Group specialises in a full range of facilities services, so that our clients can concentrate on their core activities. The Facilicom Group’s facilities services are divided into the following specialised divisions:


Operating under the name Breijer, this division of the Facilicom Group is connected to the building industry and installation technology. We realise construction and renovation projects in the following sectors: residential building, non-residential building, education, and health care. Because we have all aspects of construction and technology in-house we are able to offer our clients a complete package. Also, we can integrate all our services, resulting in a single project organisation. Construction will be a lot faster and more efficient. This complete package may furthermore be complemented by a service and maintenance contract, offering peace of mind about operation in the long run. By taking the maintenance into consideration when we draw up the construction plans, we manage to minimise your operating costs.

Facilicom Solutions

Facilicom Solutions focuses on bespoke, full-service facility solutions. For example, we may integrate various services for you, whereby you will be assigned a single contact person and receive a single, combined, invoice. You may choose from different service concepts, depending on your specific needs. It is advisable to combine services in a service concept. And if you need management and optimisation of your current facilities services providers, we can also look after this for you. In addition, we can help you by taking over the complete estate management of your buildings for you. If you like, we can help by assigning our professional facility managers, interim managers and project managers to you.


What people want and need from cleaning services differs from sector to sector. To cater for those needs and wishes, Gom has become the first sector-specific cleaning services company with nation-wide cover. Clients turn to Gom for our expertise and capacity, which we have organised into six separate business units: Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Offices, Food & Industry (Kleentec) and Specialised Cleaning. Gom, a division of Facilicom Group, has more than 8,500 employees working at our eleven branches.


Offering hospitality and pleasing your guests - that is your core business. In order to carry out your business in an optimum way, your working environment has to be of the highest order. Tapwacht can help you achieve all of that, and more. As a complete supplier for the hospitality business, we are able to give you perfect advice regarding the design and layout of your bar. In addition, we can provide and install buffets, coffee machines, as well as any drinks machines and refrigerated installations you may require. Furthermore, we will prove to be the ideal party for the cleaning and maintenance of your installations. And don’t forget, you can reach us 24/7 if you have a breakdown. 


Trigion has over 7,000 staff and an extremely varied range of products and services, making it the most comprehensive security service in the Netherlands. We will look after the security in any building, from airport to ministry, and from power plant to shopping centre. The broad focus of Trigion and our drive to innovate will ensure the best solution to any specific risk profile our clients may present to us. Thanks to the fact that we continuously monitor and improve the quality and the results of our activities, our services become more professional all the time. This also leads to an insight into changing needs and requirements. 

Hoffmann Bedrijfsrecherche (a Trigion division)
For more than 45 years, Hoffmann has been working to improve your security and - thanks to our very experienced corporate investigations detectives and consultants - we can focus on solutions as required. We’re honest, unbiased and always immediately available. But better still, we can often prevent incidents or crises. How? By using preventative cyber security and risk management for you. Sharped-eyed, good listeners and fair-minded, together we make your weakest link - people - the strongest.

Safety Group (a Trigion division)
The Safety Group has been operating in security since 1995 and since then, this company has grown to become a full-service provider in the overall market of (events) traffic, transport, logistics, safety and education. An independent entity, the company contributes to Trigion’s overall portfolio with optimal collaboration, full-service solutions and the effectiveness to combine its subsidiaries to get the best from them. The Safety Group is a chain of strong links, each with their own qualities and expertise and it’s that mutual connection and synergy that makes the company so solid and means it can achieve its goals. The Safety Group specialises in traffic and transport, safety and security and advice and education, enabling the company to offer full-service solutions that are unique to each client and to every event.

Directschoon (a Gom division)
If you are a SMB, arranging your office cleaning is no problem at all: online, with Directschoon. Directschoon supplies the exact cleaning services you need - nothing more and nothing less. We make arrangements about the hours you want the cleaning, per four-week period. For those hours, we arrange things like office cleaning or specialist cleaning services, or we’ll send our window cleaner round to your office. If you like, we can also supply sanitary products, including toilet rolls, towels and other items to keep your toilet area bright and clean. And if you want to alter the hours or the times, it’s no problem! Log into your own online environment at Mijn Directschoon and change whatever you want. We’re convinced you’ll meet with more success if your workplace is clean and we like to let SMBs decide exactly what they want in that regard. That’s why we created Directschoon: it’s the easy way to arrange your office cleaning online.

Kleentec (a Gom division)
Food production and hygiene go together like salt and pepper: after all, the quality of the hygiene has a direct impact on the quality and safety of the final product. As a manufacturer, there’s no other way about it - you must dedicate much time and attention to it. Nonetheless, to get solid results in this field, you need specific knowledge, experience and vision; it’s likely you don’t have all of that, and perhaps even the standard cleaning firms you can call in don’t have it either. Kleentec is a high-quality specialist who can offer the food industry wet-cleaning and dry-cleaning services and disinfectant services that leave your premises ready for production. We focus these operations primarily on the markets for meat, chicken, fish, meals and bread/confectionery.

We’ll take the work off your hands and relieve you of your worries, leaving you to concentrate fully on your core business with no problems at all. And that’s not all. With our expertise, we can also help optimise your processes and cut back on costs wherever possible. Kleentec gives a shine to your performance!

HOD Nederland (Facilicom division)
HOD Nederland BV has a solution for every situation connected to empty properties. Once set up as the first professional anti-squat firm in the Netherlands, in the space of 30 years, we have become a vacant property manager with an exhaustive range of services and a long list of clients. When you call in HOD Nederland, you know your property will be protected efficiently and effectively by a reliable and dedicated service company that is at your call, 24/7.

Albron (strategic partner)
Albron designs, creates and manages food concepts with a story to tell, for businesses and governments, at schools and universities, in hospitals and healthcare institutions, at events, and for daytime and accommodated leisure facilities. Our company, with over 4,000 staff employed at more than 800 locations throughout the Netherlands, is founded on a great sense of hospitality, delicious, healthy and sustainably sourced food and drink, demonstrable commitment, reliance on close collaboration and the pluck to do things differently. This comprehensive package generates added value and financial advantages for clients, offers a warm welcome to their guests, ensures the staff a pleasant employer and the suppliers a solid partner while society benefits from a company that is shaping the future. And with all this to offer, we have been creating valuable moments for everyone involved in Albron for well over a century.