Healthcare specialist companies


Incluzio operates in the healthcare industry, the services industry and the social domain. Three areas of operation that apply to every neighbourhood or district, but which have never really been approached in an integrated way. By removing the financial and other barriers between care, services and the social domain, Incluzio will render the policies and implementation more efficient and effective. And it is high time, too. Due to the government’s decentralisation policy, budgets have been substantially reduced. At the same time, the Participation Act is forcing municipalities to achieve concrete results in the creation of jobs and job-experience positions. Integration of tasks will also provide important added value; it will enable Incluzio to tackle collective problems as well. And to make every neighbourhood a better neighbourhood.
The specialist healthcare companies below are divisions of Incluzio.


Axxicom supplies the domestic help and domestic management for a great number of municipalities in the Netherlands, a fact that makes Axxicom one of the nation’s largest domestic support service companies. Axxicom supplies household support to anyone who needs it.


Compartijn believes in small-scale domestic care for people who become vulnerable as they grow older. Often, the residents suffer from psycho-geriatric ailments, such as dementia, sometimes combined with somatic disorders. Compartijn offers a comfortable and stylish living space with the addition of personalised care and services, aimed to let the residents keep control of their lives for as long as possible. Compartijn respects the identity, beliefs and privacy of every resident.

Cordaan Thuisdiensten

Cordaan Thuisdiensten provides domestic support for everyone who wants to continue living independently but requires help to do so. Cordaan Thuisdiensten provides community support for young people, the elderly and for people who are mentally impaired or have psychological or physical issues, regardless of origin, age or impairment, and respects their independence and personal choices.


De is a new service company that has designed and set up a comprehensive range of services related to remote care, for and with the care market. Innovation is an obvious focal point, especially because of the current technological and organisational developments. 

Incluzio Hollands Kroon

Incluzio Hollands Kroon has been supplying care and support to everyone in the Municipality of Hollands Kroon since 1 July 2016, assuming all tasks connected to Youth Care (Jeugdzorg), the Social Support Act (WMO) and the related facilities. We offer bespoke services, and, according to demand, we either deploy our own highly qualified staff or call in specialised care workers. The community teams have a key role in our work, as they are visibly present in the different centres and can concentrate on preventative work. They and the residents together decide which care is needed.  

Radar Uitvoering (Zuid and Oost)

Radar is an innovative, energetic partner in the field of care and welfare. Radar Uitvoering Oost’s professionals can build bridges between the different environments in which clients become stranded. Their hands-on approach, mentality and way of working allows them to sometimes leave the obvious course so they can offer clients hope of a future again.

Stichting ATA

Stichting ATA Personenalarmering supplies services and products to the elderly which enable this demographic to live at home safely for as long as possible. ATA is firmly rooted in the Amsterdam area, but the company operates throughout the Netherlands, predominantly on the consumer market. In addition, ATA supplies availability services to professionals in the care market, including domestic care organisations, midwives and GPs.

Stichting Buurtteams Sociaal

De Stichting Buurtteams Sociaal supplies basic social care in the Municipality of Utrecht. This foundation employs some 250 professionals, who each work in one of the city’s 18 neighbourhood teams. Utrecht’s neighbourhood teams, which consist of professional care providers with a great deal of experience in the areas of (mental) healthcare, welfare, sheltered housing supervision, addiction, work and income, help anyone with issues or problems he or she cannot deal with by him or herself. The neighbourhood teams work closely together with general practitioners and district nurses.

WMO Radar

WMO Radar reinforces and encourages the dedication and commitment of a neighbourhood’s residents to their area. WMO Radar aims to build a society everyone can be proud of, in which people care for one another and the members of a community depend on a government, professionals and official help desks as little as possible. Regardless of whether it is a request for help or a fun idea for an activity, WMO Radar wants to offer everyone a chance to join in, to be a volunteer, to find employment or start a business.