2020 8Jan

Royal FloraHolland and Facilicom combine forces in facility services

2020 8Jan

As of 1 January, Facilicom Solutions is managing all soft services for Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg. These services include cleaning, catering, landscape maintenance and delivery of office supplies. Facilicom is providing the services based on result obligation, while ensuring they are also implemented sustainably.

The collaboration with Facilicom is the result of a tender aimed at integrated facility management, which involves the new partner combining and managing the services from various suppliers. Moreover, Facilicom has experience in logistics in combination with the office environment. The collective focus is aimed at realising a clean, safe and healthy marketplace.

Frans Slingerland, manager of Real Estate and Facility Management at Royal FloraHolland: ‘We want to ensure the best possible facility services at our locations. This means reducing the number of suppliers, so that we become more efficient and are able to provide better services to Royal FloraHolland and its clients at a lower cost. We want to increase our flexibility by opting for intensive collaboration with Facilicom, a collaboration that is unique in the market.’

Facilicom's service provision is aimed primarily at the experience of the end user. Rogier Verbeek, Client and Market Director at Facilicom Solutions: ‘We are going to provide services in close collaboration to the employees and clients of Royal FloraHolland, which they can appreciate and which contribute sustainably to achieving the objectives of the organisation. This also means responding continuously to the developments in the marketplace.’ Parties have been working intensively recently to ensure a smooth transition. The contract will run for at least five years.

Rogier Verbeek (left) and Frans Slingerland (right)