Inclusive Entrepreneurship

We are committed to creating an inspiring living and working environment for everyone and with anyone. With this objective in mind, we set up our own social enterprise. The name we gave it is ‘Buitengewoon’ – meaning extraordinary – and work for everyone is its mission. This means we are working together to build Facilicom Group into an inclusive, social enterprise.

Eliminating barriers

The good thing is that Facilicom Group has plenty of work and especially jobs of a practical nature. These can be in hospitality, catering, cleaning, security, installation technology or the care sector. The open vacancies within the divisions are actively made available through Buitengewoon. We see it as our mission to provide a valuable place of work or learning to people with poor prospects on the job market, with the perspective of a permanent job within our divisions.

Social enterprise

We help candidates to bridge the gap to finding an actual job by offering internships, work experience and guidance. And Buitengewoon provides the additional guidance that is needed. We do this by working together with our divisions, various local partners, industry peers and neighbourhood teams. It is not commercial interest that comes first, but the collaboration in providing jobs to people who would not otherwise be considered. To safeguard independence, we founded Buitengewoon as a social enterprise.

Characterised by diversity

The gap between the working and non-working population is becoming increasingly wider. That affects the distribution of wealth and well-being and puts pressure on the feeling of solidarity. We recognise that it makes the social role of companies increasingly more important. This demands transparency, sustainability and the need to show one’s colours. Every day, more than 90 different nationalities work for clients of Facilicom Group. This diversity is also characteristic of the company we are.