Social return on investment (SROI)

We contribute in many ways to improving the employability of people with a vulnerable position in the job market. Facilicom Group aims to employ a workforce that reflects society.

Because the nature of the operational activities of Facilicom Group offers good opportunities to people with a social return indication, such as those receiving jobseeker’s allowance or young people with a disability who have been declared partly or fully unable to work, we can offer internships, work-experience places and concrete jobs. It is something we take very seriously and aim to achieve a five per cent social return on investment (SROI).

Advice from our knowledge centre

More and more of our clients are working towards a job market in which there are opportunities for everyone. Our social enterprise Buitengewoon aims to help them realise these ambitions. Buitengewoon is the ideal place for bringing together knowledge and experience. Our partners and clients are able to call on it to get advice, for example, on how to ensure that social return forms a fully-fledged component of a tender.