Sustainable employability

Sustainable employability is an important subject. We actively support the health and social resilience of our own employees through campaigns and practical measures. Facilicom Group provides the best possible working conditions wherever we can, especially in divisions where the physical workload is higher.

How comfortable are you with your work?

We launched a special programme to encourage employees to work actively on increasing their job satisfaction. Employees can set their own goals, such as increasing vitality and energy levels, gaining knowledge and skills or finding a better balance between work and private life. See how Facilicom Group, together with our employees, gives substance to sustainable employability.

A committee of HR managers from the divisions is responsible for issues relating to the broader staffing policy of Facilicom Group, including managing absenteeism, recruitment and selection and sustainable employability. We offer support to employees who want to take the next step in their career through our Mobility Centre.